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Lord of the Storm [userpic]

Honda Shadow VT500cc - $2000

July 10th, 2010 (12:25 pm)

I upgraded.  As such I'm selling my old bike.  I love this bike.  I started riding on this bike.  She took good care of me for 3 years.  She's a workhorse and she won't leave you stranded.  Tons of power for a 500cc bike. I'm 250lbs and she took me and my wife on the 400 series hwy without a problem.

1984 Honda Shadow VT500

Technical specification

I just had over $2000 worth of work put into her over at Rosey Toes (bike shop).  I got the work done for free...don't ask.  She's running perfect and she's certified.  Brand new brakes, fork seals, seat (worth $250) starter engine, stems and a ton of other stuff.

I'm selling her for $2000 to friends.  Up on autotrader and craigslist for $2500.